Collaborator Profiles

Sutton STEAMs Ahead is an exploration of the incredible feats that become possible through the combination of science and art. In the same way, this programme has been made possible by combining the time and talents of many people. The collaborator profiles highlight some of the excellent individuals that have worked in the programme and the work they do.

Ian Sciacaluga and Victor Films


Mountain Way

Julie Light

Patricia Park

Moses Baako

Shanelle Rudrigo

University College London

BTV Productions

Peter Blundell

Big Jest

Rosie Whicheloe

Marcela Castellanos

Abi Partington-Moran

Saraswathi Sukumar


Creative Heritage

Quick Draw Stories

STEAM Fair Advisory Group

Melanie Dean

Doug Shaw

Barbara Andrews

Maria Pia Jaime

Sutton New Town Festival

Hollie Miller

Caroline Wigmore

Sutton Women's Centre

Head 2 Head Sensory Theatre

Sutton Mental Health

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Have you worked with us?
Have you worked with us?
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