Collaborator Profile: Peter Blundell

Peter Blundell is an art and design tutor at Sutton College and elsewhere. As part of Sutton STEAMs Ahead, he provided free photography workshops to the local community which involved collaboration with Sutton’s heritage team, and using Sutton’s local archives for inspriration.
Peter Blundell

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am an art and design tutor for both mainstream and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) provision. I am currently working for Sutton College Adult Education and Bromley Adult Education College and previously worked for University of Arts London as a lecturer on their Art Foundation at Camberwell College of Art.

How were you involved in Sutton STEAMs Ahead?

I worked with Sutton STEAMs Ahead through Sutton College, delivering photography workshops using mobile phones in collaboration with local centres such as Sutton Central and Phoenix Libraries, Honeywood Museum and Whitehall Historic House.
Peter Blundell
Peter Blundell
Peter Blundell helped students find interesting photo opportunities during the photography workshops.

Were there any highlights and/or take-aways from being part of Sutton STEAMs Ahead?

I enjoyed exploring the local environment with creative-minded people; encouraging them to use the camera on their phones and responding to the archives in the centres.

What does STEAM mean to you?

STEAM presented a good opportunity to engage people in the local community with creative skills and experience in an accessible manner.

What’s up next for you?

I am currently teaching courses at Sutton and Bromley and hopefully there will be similar opportunities to engage with the wider community again soon.
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