Collaborator Profile: Shanelle Rudrigo

Shanelle Rudrigo is a musician and songwriter. As part of Sutton STEAMs Ahead, she performed at our launch event, and was involved with Sutton Music Trust’s ‘Shed Loads of Happiness’ project, performing at the STEAM Fair and at Whitehall Historic House.
Shanelle Rudrigo

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a 13 year old musician who loves to play the piano and guitar. In 2021 I started putting out music videos on Youtube in the hopes of encouraging other young girls and boys to take an interest in music. I participate in open mics and various other musical festivals around London and recently played in Los Angeles too. I believe I have inspired other teens to learn an instrument.

How were you involved in Sutton STEAMs Ahead?

I got involved in the Sutton STEAMs Ahead launch through Sutton Music Trust to represent the category of Arts.
Shanelle Rudrigo
Shanelle Rudrigo
Shanelle Rudrigo shares her voice, always leaving audiences in awe of her musical talents. 

Were there any highlights and/or take-aways from being part of Sutton STEAMs Ahead?

At the Sutton STEAMs Ahead launch I was happy to sing in front of a young audience who was interacting with my music and had the opportunity to meet the Madam Mayor too.

What does STEAM mean to you?

Art is also a very important skill. Creativity brings out the best in you. Sometimes teenagers go through a lot with their mental health and art plays an important role in their life. They play music to calm themselves, they write what's in their mind into a song which eases their pain so I believe art will help in many ways.

What’s up next for you?

I am continuing to play at Junior Open mics regularly and very much involved in writing songs.

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