Collaborator Profile: SDNA

SDNA is a creative studio founded by Valentina Floris and Ben Foot. They create digital artworks and are creating for Sutton STEAMs Ahead an immersive experience called ‘Threads of Light’. Join us on Sunday 28 January, 4.30pm-9.30pm in Sutton Central Library, to experience this unique community artwork.

How is SDNA involved in Sutton STEAMs Ahead?

We have been working with local residents through workshops to create images that will feature in an immersive audio visual installation, ’Threads of Light’, at Sutton Central Library. The installation will include unique footage from Sutton’s Archives and Family History Centre, recordings of the choir from Creative Heritage, videos of Carshalton Fireworks and photographs of local residents surrounded by lighting trails. The colourful final artwork will be a rich tapestry of diverse cultures and creativity of Sutton.

Tell us a little bit about SDNA.

SDNA is a creative studio founded in 2010 by Valentina Floris and Ben Foot. We specialise in producing distinctive digital artworks and interactive experiences. With a diverse portfolio, we have successfully led projects of various scales, delving into themes such as mythology, anthropology, natural history, and climate change. Our interdisciplinary approach aims to widen the scope of, and increase accessibility to digital art, exploring techniques of interaction between artwork, audience and space. We animate galleries and public spaces with bold and imaginative displays to engage and inspire new and diverse audiences in fresh and exciting ways. At the core of our ethos is a deep passion for collaborating with experts from scientific and artistic fields, involving people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds in the creative process. We have forged partnerships with esteemed organisations, including the British Council, the Francis Crick Institute, and the Natural History Museum.
Holographic projections of various schematic designs and artistic blue textures
multiple tones of blue light projected onto a swirling piece of cloth
Concept images provided by SDNA to visualise the Threads of Light experience in Sutton Central Library

What expectations do you have for the project or what are you hoping to achieve?

We hope that in visiting our installation people will be inspired to reflect on what light means to them as well as enjoying the large scale projections and atmospheric soundtrack composed by Orphy Robinson.

What does STEAM mean to you?

STEAM means creativity. To succeed in any of the STEAM subjects you need a creative open mind and a big dose of inspiration.

What’s up next for you?

We are currently working on a collaborative project with Brazilian and Amazonian artists. The project started as a remote collaboration in 2021 funded by the British Council. In early January we will be in Rio de Janeiro to create a large-scale installation and after Sutton STEAMs Ahead we will focus on raising funds to invite the Amazonian artists to London.
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