We Dance for Life

We Dance for Life

'We Dance for Life' is an exploration and powerful creative interpretation of the pioneering research into cancer treatment taking place at the London Cancer Hub in Sutton.

Following a call for tender, Sutton Council enlisted Ian Sciacaluga and Victor Films to make a short film celebrating the science pioneered at the London Cancer Hub, involving members of the community. The resulting film showcases choreographed dance sequences, creative yet recognisable interpretations of scientific concepts, and aerial filming.

Filming took place during summer 2022 across a variety of iconic Sutton landmarks, including Mayfield Lavender fields, Manor & Beddington Parks, the Benhill Estate and Sutton High Street. The film premiered on World Cancer Day 2023, at a free event in The Attic, St. Nicholas Centre. It is available to watch online and can be watched below.

The short film was only possible with the time and help of dozens of local volunteers who featured in the film, all energetically recreating the various biological structures. Choreography, when combined with different mediums can create incredible results. Abstract dance sequences are intercut with scenes of scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research, London.

The film captures how amazing things happen in Sutton. The film introduces a step-change positioning culture at the heart of Sutton. Rich in heritage and culture, Sutton is also a world-class centre for scientific research spearheading the defeat of cancer AND we have trailblazed in both public and private sector environmental innovation and responsibility.