Sutton STEAMs Ahead into 2023: The Year of Culture!

In 2020, the London borough of Sutton was a recipient of the prestigious Cultural Impact Award from The Mayor of London, granting £200,000 to be used for cultural activity across the area. Sutton achieved the sought after prize with a proposal about a simple idea: exploring science through art and culture.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Through the exploration of analytical subjects via creative means, the London Borough of Sutton have assembled an exciting and vibrant programme of FREE cultural and science related activities and events. And here, we’re focusing on each attribute of STEAM, offering a sneak peek at the content the community will see during 2023.

S - Science

‘S’ stands for Science. Sutton STEAMs Ahead is inspired by the groundbreaking science taking place in Sutton at the developing London Cancer Hub; a partnership between The Institute of Cancer Research and the London Borough of Sutton - working in close collaboration with The Royal Marsden, the Greater London Authority and Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust. The project will deliver huge benefits – to cancer patients, the local community, the wider UK economy, and to the partners themselves. As world eyes turn to Sutton, we will use the Hub’s story and Sutton’s unique cultural heritage as springboards to imaginatively and creatively explore the exciting and surprising connections between science, culture, everyday life and environmental responsibility.