High View Primary School win session with scientist at Natural History Museum

For taking part in Sutton’s Hidden Worlds, one lucky school, High View Primary, won a behind-the-scenes trip to the Natural History Museum for 8 year 6 students. The group of students got to meet scientist and researcher Dr Abigail Lowe at the Centre for UK Nature inside the Museum.

They learned more about the Nature Overheard project, which they had already contributed to as citizen scientists, creating recordings of local nature outside their school. Hearing more about the project made them realise just how important their contribution will be to some real scientific research! The pupils also learned all about the importance of nature and biodiversity, even in urban environments, to support our insect population.
Six primary school students smiling towards the viewer
School teacher Miss Lunn said:
"The students did not stop talking about their visit on the journey home. From a teacher's perspective this is a lovely experience and what a great chance for the students to get to see what goes on behind the scenes at a museum. It was a pleasure to listen to Dr Abigail share with us some of her knowledge of the UKs different species of bugs/flies and bees, as well as the other amazing items we got to see and touch."
Over the course of the day the students played a fun game about identifying birds according to their song before getting to examine lots of different animal and insect specimens, including a real woolly mammoth tusk. Finally, they visited the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, exploring the world’s best nature photography and choosing their favourites.

One student declared, ‘I want to be a scientist!’
Five primary school students and their teacher working around a desk with three plastic models of birds perched on the table
Small group of students pointing towards a photo of two rams in silhouette
The students of High View shared their opinions on the inspiring trip to the Natural History Museum:
"During our visit I enjoyed listening to the different bird sounds.I also really liked having the added bonus of getting to see the Wildlife Photographer of The Year Exhibition. My favourite photograph was one of the bat flying." - Alex

"I enjoyed looking at the various types of insects and I especially liked being able to touch a real Mammoth's tusk! I also learnt a new fact that I did not know before which was, Bees have four wings and Flies have two. I would really recommend attending a workshop. It was so fun and interesting." - Lydia

"I really liked seeing the skull of a Badger, as well as some of the fossils we were shown. It was also fun when we got to look around the Dinosaur section of the Museum. I help out at Forest School and I am looking forward to heading another [Nature Overheard] survey with the year three children and finding out what different species of flies and bees we have in our local area." - Riley